The story of Zakaria Moumni

Zakaria Moumni tores his Moroccan Passport in a live emission of TV5

He spoke as a guest of TV5 Monde 64 minutes, about his book "The man who wanted to speak to the king," with his wife Taline Moumni, former world champion in kickboxing. Zakaria Moumni coauthor tore his Moroccan passport in the live broadcast (from 12 minutes).


The athlete, who spoke to a Sportminster for his World Championship title, raises allegations of torture against the boss of espionage Abdellatif Hammouchi. The authorities charged criminal proceedings for defamation of Morocco.

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Zakaria Moumni now wrote together with his wife a book: * L'Homme qui voulait parler au Roi ", the man who wanted to speak to the king, as he processed his experiences.

The story actually begins well, it is the story of a young Moroccan, Zakaria Moumni, who in 1999 obtained the first world title in kickboxing for Morocco. This is also the enthronement year of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. According to a decree Royale this world title gives him the right to a paid post as adviser to the Athletic Sports Ministry in Morocco. He should never get it despite numerous requests and petitions both in the Ministry of Sport and the Royal Palace in Rabat. It is also a history of violence. On  27/09/2010 he enters Morocco from France for a visit. He is abducted by 4 intelligence agents blindfolded, tortured and imprisoned in the notorious torture center of Temera not far from the Royal Residence of Rabat.
He is sentenced to 36 months of prison. His crime: he asked for his right granted  him by royal decree being accused for approaching  His Majesty the king. For months he suffers the torments in Moroccan prison, innocent  until he was free on his birthday graced by His Majesty the King.

He is just one of many cases that have been known to us. Morocco News will soon  report about similar cases with a Special "L'histore avec l'entourage du Roi".

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