Fez: His Majesty King Mohammed VI Launches Three Projects By Mohammed V Foundation For Solidarity


Fez: HM the King launches three projects by Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity
15 January 2015

    The projects, to be carried out by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity for an amount of 66 million dirhams, are meant to foster cohesion and support the nationwide solidarity campaign (Jan. 8-16). They also confirm the importance of promoting women and youth conditions, mainly those from needy families, and ensure better social and vocational integration for them.

  The women training center (15 mln MAD) will enable enhance the competence of needy women and promote their socio-economic conditions, mainly through literacy courses and learning of income-generating crafts.

  The 6-floor center (4,820 square meters) will feature workshops for culinary art, baking, chocolate-making, clothes designing, model-making, embroidery, traditional dressmaking and hairdressing, as well as training rooms for hostesses, caregivers and travel agents.

      The facility will also comprise classrooms for computer science, foreign languages and literacy, a meeting room, a social support room, a library, a daycare and a space for selling products made by women's cooperatives.

     Similar to the Casablanca center, the Fez center for very small solidarity-based enterprises (35 mln MAD) is aimed at supporting the development of Very Small Entities (VSEs) by needy professional and entrepreneurial young people willing to start their own projects.

     The Center will provide temporary accommodation for VSEs and will contribute to youth self-employment and the fight against poverty and joblessness. It will offer start-ups the needed equipment, a working capital and entrepreneurial and management training.  

    Counseling, supervision, assessment, coaching and business relations will be handled by the center's managing association.

   Built over 9,000 square meters, the said facility will house 55 workshops for production activities, 25 areas for service companies, meeting and training rooms, and administrative and technical offices.

  Adjacent to the VSEs center is the multidisciplinary vocational training center (3,730 m2) which will offer young people training in the sector of construction and civil engineering to facilitate their integration in the job market.

  With a capacity of 700 interns, the 16 mln MAD-center will include workshops for electricity, aluminum carpentry, plumbing, facade covering, electronic equipment maintenance and neon signs manufacturing, drawing rooms, computer rooms and classrooms, a platform for construction tutorials and a library.  

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